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Direction: Future

25 years of freedom and the Roma People

Liczba stron: 232Format: B5Data wydania: 21.12.2018

Opis książki

This book is a part of current debate about democracy, multicultur-alism, minority rights and the role of migrants in contemporary European societies. It is an important publication which brings together theoretical narrative with expert and activist opinions - scholars and experts with Romani leaders and activists. At the same time this book is about crossing boundaries, about transcultural journey towards a society without discrimination, prejudice and divisions. It is a narration between Utopia and reality, realities and dreams, desires and capabilities. It also brings real, living people to the forefront, who are deeply rooted in their cultural and social environments. I recommend this book not only for scholars. It is a story about people like us, wanting to change their plight as well as fate of others. It is a report about lives of people entangled in dramatic twists and intricacies of contemporary history.
Professor Tadeusz Paleczny
Język publikacjiangielski
ISBN: 978-83-233-4525-1



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