okładka książki Onomastics in interaction with other branches of science. Volume 2
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Onomastics in Interaction With Other Branches of Science. Volume 2. Anthroponomastics

Proceedings of the 27th International Congress of Onomastic Sciences

Redakcja: Urszula Bijak, Paweł Swoboda, Justyna B. Walkowiak

Liczba stron: 568 Format: 17x24 cm Rok wydania: 2023 Data wydania e-booka: 12.12.2023

Opis książki

Onomastics is an area of scholarly interest that has grown considerably in importance in recent years. Consequently, the 27th International Congress of Onomastic Sciences, held in 2021 in Kraków, Poland, gathered scholars from all over the world, active in all subfields of onomastic enquiry, as well as those exploring the areas bordering on other disciplines of the humanities. It thus became a venue for presenting state-of-the-art research in the study of proper names, proposing novel approaches and opening new vistas for future research.

The present work is the second of the three volumes of conference proceedings that were the fruit of the congress. Devoted to personal naming, it contains 28 individual articles, contributed by 32 scholars. Some of them study recent fashions in name-giving in countries as diverse as Bulgaria, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, or Sweden. Others explore historical trends in given name choice, exemplified by Estonia or the Netherlands. Family names are represented by the analyses of married names in Hungary, of the surnames of Zagreb Jews, of German surnames in Latvia and the Carpathian Basin, or of changes of foreign-sounding surnames in Sweden. Unconventional naming proved scientifically fruitful too, as can be seen in the chapters on village bynames in Romania or student nicknames in Russia. Finally, there are researchers who provide a general overview of naming patterns in countries as varied as Botswana and Hungary, or Romania and China.

The opportunities offered by the application of new technology to onomastic research are explored in relation to the namestock in Denmark and the Netherlands. Simultaneously, these technologies may also themselves lead to the creation of novel objects of study – a case in point being Russian Internet usernames. Anthroponymic data may inform non-onomastic research as well, for instance they can offer insight into a country’s history or ethnic composition, as evidenced by texts dealing with personal naming in Hungary or Ukraine. The volume is complemented by articles whose focus is the interface of onomastics and pragmatics, phonetics, prosody and gender studies, drawing on examples drawn from Dutch, Japanese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish and Swedish.

The book is a must not only for onomasticians, but also for researchers in related disciplines, ranging from history, via human geography or philosophy of language, to social studies. However, professionals active in naming will find it useful as well, since it provides a much-needed supranational perspective and enables cross-cultural comparisons.


Introduction  ix

Katarzyna Aleksiejuk

Usernames as Linguistic Devices of Self- and Other-Categorisation in Computer-Mediated Communication 1-20

Laimute Balode
Names of Newborns in Latvia: Recent Changes  21-47

Ivona Barešová
Born in the Reiwa Era: The Reflection of Contemporary Events in Japanese Given Names   49-66

Gerrit Bloothooft · David Onland
Online Exploration of Given Name Popularity in the Netherlands Since 1790  67-84

Anna Choleva-Dimitrova
Les prénoms traditionnels bulgares au début du XXIe s.  La tradition revient-elle ?  85-104

Rozalia Colciar
Anthroponymes conventionnels et non-conventionnels dans les textes dialectaux roumains  105-122

Birgit Eggert · Bo Nissen Knudsen
Danish Name Lexicon: A New Web-Dictionary of Danish Personal Names  123-140

Daiana Felecan
Anthroponymy and Pragmatics. Proper Names: Levels and Functions  141-153

János N. Fodor
Hungarian Family Name Typology and the Question of Onomastic Dialects  155-171

Kitti Hauber
The System of German Surnames in the Carpathian Basin of the 18th Century  173-196

Johan Hedberg
The Reasons Behind Changing Foreign-Sounding Surnames in Sweden and Their Development Between 1925 and 2015  197-210

Annika Hussar
The Influence of the Soviet Era on the Use of Estonian First Names  211-223

Gabriela-Sînziana Ioaneș
Les surnoms dans quelques villages de Maramureș, Roumanie  225-242

Irena Kałużyńska
The Chinese Horoscope and Personal Naming  243-257
Igor Kusin
Family Names of Zagreb Jews From the Beginning of the 19th Century Until World War II  259-277

Katharina Leibring
Movements and Changes in the Forename Stock in Sweden Between the 1990s and the 2010s   279-298

Carin Leibring Svedjedal
Indexicality and Performativity: A Theoretical Approach to Transgender People’s Self-Chosen First Names  299-319

Masahiko Mutsukawa
Are Japanese Disyllabic and Bimoraic Given Names Feminine?   321-345

Оксана Михальчук
Языковая идентичность личного имени в контексте языковой ситуации в Украине   347-370

Gergana Petkova
Foreigners in the Bulgarian Anthroponymic System: Non-traditional Variants of Traditional Given Names?   371-387

Goabilwe Nnanishie Ramaeba
Semantic Typologies of Lexically Transparent Setswana Personal Names  389-408

Renāte Siliņa-Piņķe
Lettische Familiennamen deutscher Herkunft   409-423

Daiva Sinkevičiūtė
Names in Contemporary Lithuanian: Valued Qualities and Their Changes  425-441

Robert Skoczek · Sabine Strauß · Steffen Voigt
Phonetische Adaptionen fremder Namen in ausgewählten Sprachen  443-470

Mariann Slíz
Differences in the Applicability of Female and Male Names in the Historical Study of the Cults of Saints  471-484

Annamária Ulla Szabó T.
Motivations and Tendencies in Married Name Choice in Hungary   485-504

Anna Tsepkova
Gender Aspects of Contemporary Russian Unconventional Nomination (Based on Nicknames Coined in Gender-Homogeneous Groups)   505-529

Maya Vlahova-Angelova
Are Traditional Bulgarian Names Still Prestigious at the Beginning of the 21st Century? A Survey on Contemporary Bulgarian Baby Names   531-552
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Deb Dana

Teoria poliwagalna w praktyce

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Córki samurajów w podróży życia

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Makoto Shinkai, Naruki Nagakawa

Ona i jej kot

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John D. Preston, Julie A. Fast

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Gaetano Savatteri


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Okładka książki Ucieczka Anny
Mattia Corrente

Ucieczka Anny

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Okładka książki Gołąb zdębiał
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Gołąb zdębiał

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Okładka książki Wsparcie dla wspierających
Babette Rothschild

Wsparcie dla wspierających

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Okładka książki Ryōhen: Zapiski o hossō w dwóch częściach
Piotr Pieścik

Ryōhen: Zapiski o hossō w dwóch częściach

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Okładka książki Zaczęło się wszystko od prostej mowy…
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Okładka książki Zdolność administracyjna państwa członkowskiego i kandydata do Unii Europejskiej
red. Dmytro Dzvinchuk , Alina Khaletska , Vitalij Kovalchuk , Marek Mączyński , Ewa Skorczyńska

Zdolność administracyjna państwa członkowskiego i kandydata do Unii Europejskiej

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Okładka książki Miasto Meksyk
Juan Villoro

Miasto Meksyk

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Okładka książki Gatunki cyfrowe 2
Piotr Marecki

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Opisywanie pedagogiczne i edukacyjne

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Okładka książki Dziesięć rzeczy, o których chciałoby ci powiedzieć dziecko z autyzmem
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Dziesięć rzeczy, o których chciałoby ci powiedzieć dziecko z autyzmem

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John M. Gottman , Nan Silver

Siedem zasad udanego małżeństwa

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okładka książki Kornik
Layla Martínez


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Okładka książki Terapia dialektyczno-behawioralna (DBT)
Matthew McKay , Jeffrey C. Wood , Jeffrey Brantley

Terapia dialektyczno-behawioralna (DBT)

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Wszechstronniczość. Wydanie 2

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Szmuel Josef Agnon. Historia życia

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Przenośna magia

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