Onomastics in Interaction With Other Branches of Science. Volume 2.

Anthroponymes conventionnels et non-conventionnels dans les textes dialectaux roumains

Rozalia Colciar
Institut de Linguistique et d’Histoire Littéraire « Sextil Pușcariu »
Académie Roumaine


Conventional and unconventional anthroponyms in the Romanian dialectal texts

This study, based on the published corpus of the Romanian dialectal texts, deals with the conventional (family names and first names – religious and secular names) and unconventional (surnames, nicknames, hypocoristics and group names) anthroponyms. There are first names which became family names and at the same time, the unconventional system is a constant of the current social life in rural communities, where several families bear the same family name.


conventional/unconventional anthroponyms, first name, family name, surname, nickname

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