Onomastics in Interaction With Other Branches of Science. Volume 2.

Языковая идентичность личного имени в контексте языковой ситуации в Украине

Оксана Михальчук
Институт языкознания им. О.О. Потебни НАН Украины, Киев, Украина


Language identity of personal names in the context of the language situation in Ukraine

The article examines the socioonomastic aspects of the language identity of personal names. The object of the research is the recording of personal names in official documents. Based on the categorical characteristic of the anthroponym as an ethno-language marker, the influence of linguo-political, spelling and legal factors on the functioning of the system of personal names in Ukraine has been analyzed. In particular, the author searches for answers to the following questions: a) How do the records of names in official personal documents reflect the language situation and states of linguistic consciousness? b) What facts of changes in the structure of the national system of personal names are a consequence of language policies? What facts reflect the results of language contacts? c) How does this affect the eco-linguistic balance and stability of the national fund of personal names? It is important to describe the influence of the language self-identification of individuals on the choice of a personal name when registering newborns occurs. Special attention is paid to the problems of documentary fixation of the names of representatives of national minorities and groups, as well as to the peculiarities of adaptation of new borrowings in the Ukrainian system of personal names. It is noted that the right to a name and the language identity of a name in the context of globalization acquire new features, which are related to communicative convenience and proper functioning in different language codes. The study of the identity of personal names makes it possible to formulate the basic sociolinguistic criteria of legal and language norms for measuring the quality of the modern national corpus of personal names. The preservation of the language identity of the name is also associated with the prospect of developing expanded instructions for spelling of personal names.

personal name, language identity, name variation, language policy

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