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Cultures in Motion

Studies in the Medieval and Early Modern Periods

Redakcja: Adam Izdebski, Damian Jasiński

Seria: Byzantina et Slavica Cracoviensia

Liczba stron: 310Format: B5Data wydania: 20.01.2014

Opis książki

This volume offers a collection of thirteen studies on the subject of intercultural contact and exchange in the medieval and early modern periods. The aim of the authors was to approach this phenomenon as broadly as possible, and the resulting volume is, therefore, a fusion of different approaches to a variety of historical sources and texts. Geographical areas that are often studied separately- including the Middle East, the Caucasus, the Latin West and Central Europe (especially Poland, Germany and Hungary) - are here presented together in order to allow for cross-period and cross-regional comparisons. The chronological scope is also unusually broad, beginning with Late Antiquity and encompassing both the Renaissance and its immediate aftermath.
Język publikacjiAngielski / English
ISBN: 978-83-233-3631-0



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