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Management by Values

Management Respecting and Promoting Values

Redakcja: Andrzej Herman, Tadeusz Oleksyn, Izabela Stańczyk

Przekład: Patrick Curran

Liczba stron: 330 Format: B5 Rok wydania: 2015 Data premiery: 14.12.2015

Opis książki

The work of the authors is of a theoretical, cognitive and empirical nature in accordance with their intentions, during the course of balancing these three aspects. A systemic approach has been availed of in an original way for the purpose of connecting the elements of the theories of economics, management and finance (…). The insightful empirical research and analysis of the aforesaid authors has facilitated the reference of the theoretical deliberations to economic practices, while the formulated conclusions are of an above-average applicable value.

The concepts, experience and views resulting from economic science and science on management have been availed of in a creative manner, while completely new and interesting general conclusions have been put forward on the basis of the phenomena under analysis.

I recommend the publishing of this work as being very significant in value from a scientific viewpoint, as well as essential in terms of economic practitioners. I wholeheartedly suggest the continuation of research.
Excerpts from the review by Prof. Krzysztof Marecki    

The research results have turned out to be generally optimistic and uplifting. The vast majority of the managers and specialists surveyed expressed the conviction in various ways that values currently fulfil a significant role in the management of their organizations. This was a similar situation in the enterprises described within the framework of case studies. Indeed, they do not confirm the  catastrophic picture that is painted by people representing various environments, sometimes even the scientific one, who predict the fall or deep crisis of the world of values. There is a good vibe and a good time for the spreading of the notion of management with respect and promotion of values at present, at least in Poland. We have encountered a good reception and authentic interest among our respondents in terms of the subject matter undertaken. People want management that is based on values and this is worth writing about, while providing specific evidence of such and also ideas of how to do so correctly, the more so as mainly negative information reaches public opinion with relation to practices that are reprehensible and not in accordance with the law and good practices, as evil is more attractive from a media point of view.
Based on excerpts from “Final reflections” of the herein book – research report   
Język publikacji Angielski/English
Tłumaczenie Patrick Curran
ISBN: 978-83-233-4011-9
e-ISBN (pdf): 978-83-233-9371-9


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