Civic Education in the context of migration / Politische Bildung im Kontext der Migration

Redakcja: Ewa Bobrowska, Dorota Gierszewski, Julia Kluzowicz

Liczba stron: 232Format: B5

Opis książki

The intensified migration experienced in recent years in Europe puts it in front of numerous problems. It requires from it not only readiness to provide emergency help to migrants, but also to address the issue of their permanent presence in a world that was not prepared for it. This issue in this book is considered from one chosen point of view. The articles gathered in the publication are focused on the question of what role can adult civic education play in the process of integration of newcomers with host communities and how it should change itself in order to meet the tasks set before it. 
The book confronts papers that originate from three different countries: Germany, Poland and Ukraine. In each of them the migration processes assumed different forms and reveled diverse reactions towards the same issue. The publication does not aim at diagnosing the situation in each country separately but rather at confronting different perspectives applied to the problems that resemble each other even if they remain differentiated in many regards.
The common trait of these statements is the conviction that successful integration should not be equated with a process that only assumes migrants' adjustment to existing, non-negotiable conditions. Conversely, its accomplishment is also determined by the locals' readiness for a social change, their openness towards the new and the unpredictable. Indeed, democratic thought is imprinted in this kind of openness, therefore the following volume discusses the methods of transmission of democratic values that would not negate the freedom of the people for whom democracy remains a novelty.
Język publikacjiAngielski/English
ISBN: 978-83-233-4506-0



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