Okładka książki Management Sciences – New Horizons

Management Sciences – New Horizons

Redakcja: Piotr Buła

Liczba stron: 200 Format: 15,8x23,5 cm Rok wydania: 2024 Data premiery: 27.03.2024

Opis książki

The monograph Management Sciences: New Horizons stands out positively compared to publications dedicated to issues related to processes and directions of changes in contemporary organizations. Firstly, the authors attempt to integrate a retrospective and a prospective approach, thus not only assessing the existing state but also pointing out challenges for the science of management. Secondly, the monograph has been written in a clear manner, with a focus on the topic of organizational adaptation processes.
From the review by Prof. Szymon Cyfert

The monograph outlines the directions of evolution in management sciences, focusing on changes emerging in the environment and emphasizing the processes of adaptation and resilience building. The aim of the work is to initiate discussions on processes and trends of change in contemporary organizations, ranging from supply chain management to the formulation of strategies in higher education institutions, managing family businesses, and public entity management. The fundamental concept of the monograph "Management Sciences - New Horizons" revolves around essential questions concerning the evolution of management sciences, considering changes in the environment and emphasizing the importance of adaptation and resilience-building processes, from both theoretical and practical management perspectives. 

What sets this monograph apart from other publications in the market discussing the evolution of management sciences is its strong integration of theoretical concepts with practical aspects of organizational functioning. In addition to its utilitarian nature, the discussions led by various authors have a systematic and theoretical dimension, making it a foundation for in-depth research in the field of management sciences. The monograph is an engaging and thought-provoking piece that encourages readers to delve into the factors influencing changes in management sciences. 

The monograph comprises ten chapters, addressing various dimensions of organizational adaptation and resilience. The authors use a conceptual framework to characterize phenomena within the field of management sciences, supported by numerous tables and diagrams. The monograph is based on interdisciplinary and extensive theoretical knowledge, along with intriguing results from empirical research, both quantitative and qualitative, which contribute to its value. The authors tackle issues relevant to contemporary organizational management, not only presenting phenomena as they are but also synthesizing existing views and referring to research findings in the literature, attempting to outline how management processes in organizations should be shaped to enhance adaptability and resilience. 

The monograph can be of interest to scholars in the field of management sciences, students studying subjects related to management and quality, as well as management practitioners. In this monograph, they will find a toolbox and proposals pertaining to various aspects of organizational functioning, allowing for a better understanding of the context in which flexible organizations operate amidst dynamic changes. Undoubtedly, it can serve as a starting point for conducting in-depth research in the field of management and quality. 

O Autorze

Piotr Buła – Associate Professor and Head of the Department of International Management at the Krakow University of Economics. Visiting Professor at the College of Business and Economics at the University of Johannesburg (South Africa). Fellow at Grand Valley State University (USA). He is the author or co-author of more than 180 scientific publications, research papers and implementation projects, as well as 70 journal publications and expert reports in the fields of risk management, corporate governance, internal audit, logistics, strategic management and artificial intelligence.
Język publikacji angielski
Wydanie pierwsze
Redakcja Piotr Buła
Projekt okładki Marta Jaszczuk
ISBN: 978-83-233-5350-8
e-ISBN (pdf): 978-83-233-7537-1
e-ISBN (mobi,epub): 978-83-233-7538-8

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