Distribution and Dissemination

Publications of the Jagiellonian University Press circulate internationally. Our mission is to disseminate Polish academic output throughout the world, as well as to make high quality academic and educational content available to experts and students in Poland, while maintaining the highest level of content and editorial quality of published publications.

One of our priorities is to publish electronic versions of books and journals, distribute them via Poland and international sales networks and ensure their presence in the most important academic databases in the world. Thanks to cooperation with the largest distributors of electronic publications in the world, we provide an international distribution network of electronic publications with several direct foreign partners, including EBSCO, Proquest, Cambridge Core, Elsevier.

As part of the dissemination of research results and scientific content, we cooperate with the Jagiellonian Library in the implementation of the project "Repository of open access to scientific and didactic heritage".

Distribution of Books in Poland

The Jagiellonian University Press has its own, dynamic online bookstore, which serves Polish and foreign customers and enables 24-hour order acceptance for each book published by our outbuilding. In 2019 we plan to launch a new bookstore, more modern and adapted to market requirements. Cooperation with the largest Polish distributors - OSDW AZYMUT, ATENEUM - guarantees the availability of our paperback publications in all stationary bookshops and most of the online bookshops in the country. We expand our sales network through contacts with local retailers.

The promotion of the titles includes, among others, publishing catalogues, presentation at fairs, academic and professional conferences, active promotion in our social media, contacts with reviewers, advertising in the media, organization of events with authors.

Distribution of Books in Foreign Languages

We have an extensive experience in international cooperation. Due to cooperation with the largest distributors of electronic publications in the world, we provide an international distribution network for ebooks including several direct foreign partners in Europe (Great Britain, France, Spain, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Austria), North America (USA, Canada), Australia and Asia.

In 2012, we signed an agreement on direct cooperation in the distribution of our titles with the American publisher Columbia University Press – the fourth oldest university publishing house in the United States, operating continuously for 115 years at the prestigious Columbia University in New York. In accordance with the agreement, since 2013 Columbia University Press has been selling and promoting English-language books published by the Jagiellonian University Press. The distribution operates through Perseus Distribution, currently one of the largest book distributors in the United States. The publications from the Jagiellonian University are available directly in the United States, Canada and Latin America. The aim of the cooperation is to ensure the presence of our authors in the international exchange of scientific achievements, especially on the main American market in this respect. In parallel, the JUP cooperates with Columbia University Press in the distribution of ebooks.

Each English-language book published by the JUP will be included in Columbia University Press catalogue published twice yearly (Spring and Summer) and books will be sent directly for sales and in the US.

Digital Libraries and E-book Distribution

We cooperate with the largest Polish digital libraries and e-book rental company IBUK LIBRA. We also place e-books directly on specialist publication platforms such as IBUK.PL or NASBI.PL and in online bookstores: EBOOKPOINT.PL, VIRTUALO.PL, WOBLINK.COM. Thus, the e-books are available in most online bookstores, including the largest ones such as NEXTO.PL, EMPIK.COM, LEGIMI.PL. Through those distributors we offer both paid and open access e-books.

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