Experienced Team

We make great effort to ensure that the books we publish are of the highest level of content and editing. We maintain friendly, personal contact with our authors and we guarantee comprehensive, professional editorial and marketing care.

An experienced, full-time editorial team provides:

- editorial care for each title, exercised by a professional leading editor,

- direct cooperation with the Author while working on the text and graphic design of the publication,

- a careful linguistic, stylistic, editorial and technical preparation of each book,

- individual typographic design of the interior and an elegant cover,

- professional DTP services,

- linguistic and editorial corrections at every stage of the publishing process,

- specialist proofreading in many foreign languages (Slavonic, Romance, Germanic, Oriental, Classical),

- thorough in-house control of print and binding quality,

- preparation of PDF and EPUB files and their submission to foreign online portals.

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