We combine the traditional, careful editorial work with cutting-edge technologies to facilitate communication and reach a wide range of readers.

The profile of the Jagiellonian University Press goes beyond the framework of traditional university publishing houses. We are interested in publishing not only academic books, but also popular science, literature and lighter non-fiction

We cooperate with Authors from numerous academic centres in Poland and worldwide.

We publish:

- academic and popular science works from various fields of knowledge,

- journals in all fields of science,

- works of academics from the home Jagiellonian University, as well as authors affiliated by other academic centres in Poland,

- translations of outstanding scientific, didactic and specialist books from the best scientific centres in the world,

- publications by foreign authors published in the original for the first time in Poland.

We regularly publish our books in paper and electronic versions (available online, on various platforms and in various formats). We guarantee uninterrupted availability of books in both paper and electronic versions.

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