okładka książki Onomastics in interaction with other branches of science. Volume 1
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Onomastics in Interaction With Other Branches of Science. Volume 1. Keynote Lectures. Toponomastics

Proceedings of the 27th International Congress of Onomastic Sciences

Redakcja: Urszula Bijak, Paweł Swoboda, Justyna B. Walkowiak

Liczba stron: 640 Format: 17x24 cm Rok wydania: 2023 Data wydania e-booka: 21.12.2023

Opis książki

Onomastics is an area of scholarly interest that has grown considerably in importance in recent years. Consequently, the 27th International Congress of Onomastic Sciences, held in 2021 in Kraków, Poland, gathered scholars from all over the world, active in all subfields of onomastic enquiry, as well as those exploring the areas bordering on other disciplines of the humanities. It thus became a venue for presenting state-of-the-art research in the study of proper names, proposing novel approaches and opening new vistas for future research.

The present work is the first of the three volumes of conference proceedings that were the fruit of the congress. Devoted to place naming, it contains 33 contributions by 43 scholars. The language of most of the texts is English, though there are also two papers in German, and another two in Russian. The topics range from purely theoretical issues to narrowly focused case studies. The toponyms studied represent a vast variety of types, including the names of countries, districts, counties or municipalities, villages and other settlements, as well as urbanonyms, but also hydronyms, nesonyms, or diverse anoikonyms. Some toponyms are examined synchronically, whereas others are viewed in a diachronic perspective. The status of particular place names varies too: from those that have existed since time immemorial, such as river names, to those established relatively recently in human history, as exemplified by the names of bus stops. Many contributions have been prepared using time-honoured methods of data collection, such as fieldwork, but digital onomastics has clearly gained a permanent foothold as well, as evidenced by a substantial body of research in this area.

True to the inherently interdisciplinary character of onomastics, and in line with the underlying motif of the congress, which underscores the interaction of the study of proper names with other branches of science, researchers explore the interface of onomastics and an extensive array of disciplines, including though not limited to: cognitive studies, dialectology, phonetics and phonology, sociolinguistics, anthropology, history, historical linguistics, postcolonial studies, administration and policy studies, and even geology. The toponyms studied are gathered from all over Europe – including Belarus, the Czech Republic, Finland, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Ukraine, the United Kingdom – but also from countries on other continents, such as China, Egypt, India, Morocco, New Zealand, Russia, or Tanzania.

The book is a must not only for onomasticians, but also for researchers in related disciplines, ranging from history, via human geography or philosophy of language, to social studies. However, professionals active in naming will find it useful as well, since it provides a much-needed supranational perspective and enables cross-cultural comparisons.


Keynote Lectures

Sheila Embleton
Names in India: History, Colonialism, Renaming, Contemporary Issues 3-26

Peter Jordan
The Crucial and Contested Concept of the Endonym/Exonym Divide . 27-45


Wolfgang Ahrens · Sheila Embleton
Baltic Germans in the Russian Imperial Navy: Navigators, Explorers, and Contributors to Place Naming 49-60

Barbara Bába
Interconnections Between Toponym Etymology and Historical Dialectology 61-73

Harald Bichlmeier
On the Slavicity of Several Place Names in North-Eastern Bavaria 75-97

Žaneta Dvořáková
Neighbours Who Disappeared: Non-Settlement Names With the Element Žid (‘Jew’) in Bohemia 99-120

Åke Engsheden
Towards a List of Place Names in Coptic 121-139

Sofia Evemalm-Graham
Norse Women in Uist Place Names: An Onomastic Perspective 141-155

Peder Gammeltoft
Spatial Focus or Onomastic Focus? An Unsolved Problem in Digital Onomastics . 157-175

Botolv Helleland
The Regional and Municipal Reform in Norway: The Naming Processes 177-194

Carole Hough
Metonymy in Settlement Names 195-214

Petra Jesenská · Jaromír Krško
Reflection of Social and Political Changes in the Linguistic Landscape: Demonstrated by Examples From Banská Bystrica . 215-235

Frances Kane · Justin Ó Gliasáin · Úna Bhreathnach
North and South of the Border: Parallel Place Name Research in Ireland 237-250

Róbert Kenyhercz
On the Place Names of the Old Spiš County . 251-264

Katarzyna Konczewska
Топонимы Гродненщины в лингвокультурологическом аспекте 265-284

Brittnee Leysen
Cultural Contact: An Anthropological Perspective on Toponyms in Aotearoa New Zealand’s Otago Region 285-295

Junkai Li · Yiying Ouyang
Between Localism and Nationalism: The Romanization of Canton (Guangzhou, China) 297-313

Alasli Malak
Official Toponyms and Their Dialectal Variants: The Influence of the Dialectal Forms of Moroccan Place Names 315-329

Michal Místecký · Kristýna Kovářová
Flowing With the Flow: Euphony of Hydronyms From Quantitative and Sociological Perspectives 331-353

Daniel Orongo Nyangweso · Mátyás Gede
Use of Toponym Ontologies in Web Gazetteer Entities 355-380

Katalin Pelczéder
Венгерско-славянские языковые контакты в Карпатском бассейне (на основе тoпонимов одной ранней грамоты) . 381-402

Francesco Perono Cacciafoco · Niki Cassandra Eu Min
Indo-European Toponymy in Minoan Crete: An Etymological Approach 403-416

Xavier Planas-Batlle · Joan Tort-Donada · Jordi Corominas
Toponymy and Geology in the Landscape . 417-436

Rita Póczos
Neubewertung von Ortsnamen des Karpatenbeckens im 11. Jahrhundert . 437-451

Sara Racca
Using Google My Maps to Collect Vernacular Toponyms 453-467

Yaroslav Redkva · Michael Lukashchuk
Cross-Border Onomastic Systems of Western Ukraine and Eastern Poland: Synchronic and Diachronic Aspects . 469-488

Katalin Reszegi · Marie A. Rieger
Places in Mind: Investigating the Link Between Language and Spatial Concepts 489-508

Marie A. Rieger
Farm- und Plantagennamen im kolonialen Usambara 509-532

Agostinho Miguel Magalhães Salgueiro
Toponymy and Grammatical Gender: A Description From Portuguese 533-548

Pavel Štěpán
Multiple Standardization of Czech Toponyms 549-565

Väinö Syrjälä
The Next Stop Is… – Naming of Bus Stops in Two Nordic Capital Regions 567-581

Paul Tempan
The Element sceilg in Irish Place-names – A Borrowing of Latin spelu(n)ca? . 583-602

Valéria Tóth
The Source Value of Toponyms in History . 603-617
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