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New Perspectives in English and American Studies

Volume One: Literature

Edited by: Michał Choiński, Małgorzata Cierpisz

Pages: 482 Book format: 15,8x23,5 cm Year of Publication: 2020

Book description

New Perspectives in English and American Studies. Volume One: Literature contains a selection of papers delivered at 14th International Conference on English and American Literature and Language, an international event organized every three years by the Institute of English Studies at the Jagiellonian University in Kraków, Poland. The editors divided the content into five broad sections reflecting the scope of academic reflection, the breadth of cultural material and the depth of its analysis.

The articles in the volume revolve around the topics of literary and cultural studies and their diversity mirrors the broad spectrum of the thematic panels of the conference.
These included, among others, Medievalism in Literature, James Joyce Studies, The Contemporary Historical Novel and Multimodality. Aside from these thematic sessions, a number of general sessions dedicated to a wide spectrum of topics pertinent to English and American studies was held – in particular, the issues of the individual’s perspective upon collective history, regional myths as well as the pivotal new historical awareness.
Language English
Edition first
ISBN: 978-83-233-4685-2


Richard Guare, Peg Dawson, Colin Guare

Nastolatki zdolne, ale rozkojarzone

(Paperback with flaps)

60.00 zł
54.00 zł
Katja Pantzar

Odnaleźć sisu


39.90 zł
35.91 zł
210.00 zł
178.50 zł
Ayelet Gundar-Goshen

Budząc lwy

(Paperback with flaps)

49.98 zł
44.98 zł


ed. Vittorio Lingiardi , Nancy McWilliams

PDM-2. Podręcznik diagnozy psychodynamicznej. Tom 3

( Paperback with flaps )

95.00 zł
85.50 zł
ed. Anna Sajdak-Burska , Iwona Maciejowska

Profesjonalizacja roli nauczyciela akademickiego

( Paperback )

39.90 zł
35.91 zł
Anna Skotnicka


( Hardcover )

46.20 zł
41.58 zł
Aleksandra Burba

Zur Zeit in Berlin

( Paperback with flaps )

39.90 zł
35.91 zł
ed. Katarzyna Grzybowska , Sylwia Papier , Roma Sendyka

Rzeczowy świadek

( Paperback with flaps )

39.90 zł
35.91 zł
Yu Miri

Stacja Tokio Ueno

( Paperback with flaps )

32.50 zł
29.25 zł
Anna Modzelewska

Struktury organizacyjne NSZZ „Solidarność”

( Paperback )

39.90 zł
35.91 zł
Wiktor Dziemski

Słodki owoc duchowego pocieszenia

( Paperback )

39.90 zł
35.91 zł
Stephen W. Porges

Teoria poliwagalna

( Paperback with flaps )

49.99 zł
44.99 zł
Michalina Lubaszewska

Rzecz w teatrze Jana Klaty

( Paperback )

40.95 zł
34.81 zł
Seth J. Gillihan

Wytrenuj swój mózg

( Paperback with flaps )

47.85 zł
43.07 zł
Dorota Korwin-Piotrowska


( Paperback )

39.90 zł
35.91 zł
Jan Hartman

Pochwała wolności

( Paperback )

39.90 zł
35.91 zł
Claire L. Evans

Pionierki Internetu

( Paperback with flaps )

47.99 zł
43.19 zł
Don Kulick

Śmierć w lesie deszczowym

( Ebook )

44.90 zł
31.43 zł
47.25 zł
42.53 zł
Piotr de Bończa Bukowski

Friedricha Schleiermachera drogi przekładu

( Paperback with flaps )

40.95 zł
36.86 zł
Stanley Rosenberg

Terapeutyczna moc nerwu błędnego - KOPIA

( Paperback with flaps )

46.99 zł
42.29 zł

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