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Developing the Sociology of Ageing

to Tackle the Challenge of Ageing Societies in Central and Eastern Europe

Edited by: Jolanta Perek-Bialas, Andreas Hoff

Series: Jagiellońskie Studia Socjologiczne

Pages: 248 Book format: B5 Publication date: 2012 Publication date: 19.07.2012

Book description

The book collects the most contemporary issues related to the process of ageing of societies in Central and Eastern Europe. The multiplicity of topics presented with the variety of theoretical and methodological approaches means that although it is a publication by many authors, it is a consistent monographic study, showing the development of sociology of ageing as a scientific discipline in selected countries of Central and Eastern Europe.
The aim of the book is to call the attention of the reader and emphasize that the challenges of population ageing in this part of Europe are important aspects of sociology is particularly valuable. These challenges require not only recognition and resolution through application of appropriate research approaches, but also education of various actors (including policy makers) for being prepared for both diagnosing the phenomena and taking action in practice.

from the review of Prof. dr hab. Jolanta Grotowska-Leder
ISBN: 978-83-233-3304-3
e-ISBN (pdf): 978-83-233-8575-2


Marcus Rosenlund

Gdy pogoda zmienia bieg historii - KOPIA

(Paperback with flaps)

49.99 zł
44.99 zł
Joel Minden

Ty tu rządzisz

(Paperback with flaps)

45.99 zł
41.39 zł
Agnès Poirier

Notre Dame - KOPIA

(Paperback with flaps)

39.99 zł
35.99 zł
Shireen Rizvi

Analiza łańcuchowa w terapii dialektyczno-behawioralnej

(Paperback with flaps)

45.00 zł
40.50 zł


Book cover Niebezpieczne krajobrazy
Jakub Kornhauser

Niebezpieczne krajobrazy

( Paperback with flaps )

44.10 zł
39.69 zł
Deb Dana


( Paperback with flaps )

55.99 zł
50.39 zł
Xavier Aldekoa

Dzieci Nilu

( Paperback with flaps )

47.99 zł
43.19 zł
ed. Jakub Bohuszewicz , Dariusz Brzostek

Religia, historia i przyszłość w kulturze afrokaraibskiej

( Paperback with flaps )

40.95 zł
36.86 zł
Book cover Historia medycyny 2
Ryszard W. Gryglewski

Historia medycyny... 2

( Paperback )

49.00 zł
44.10 zł
Barbara Fryzeł , Joanna Bohatkiewicz-Czaicka

Dragons and Gazelles

( Hardcover )

46.20 zł
41.58 zł
Book cover Spaces of Diversity?
ed. Karolina Golemo , Marta Kupis

Spaces of Diversity?

( Paperback with flaps )

46.20 zł
41.58 zł
Book cover "Fabryka plotek:"
Idesbald Goddeeris

Fabryka plotek

( Paperback with flaps )

49.35 zł
44.42 zł
ed. Tomasz Bilczewski , Andrzej Hejmej , Ewa Rajewska

Literatura światowa i przekład

( Integrated paper cover )

82.95 zł
74.66 zł
Molly Millwood

Macierzyństwo bywa trudne

( Paperback with flaps )

54.99 zł
49.49 zł
46.20 zł
41.58 zł
Paweł Mościcki

Wyższa aktualność

( Paperback with flaps )

57.75 zł
51.98 zł
Book cover Pasaże scenografii
Katarzyna Fazan

Pasaże scenografii

( Paperback with flaps )

44.10 zł
39.69 zł
ed. Iwona Król

Contemporary Arab World

( Paperback )

42.00 zł
37.80 zł
Ewa Data-Bukowska , Piotr de Bończa Bukowski

Gombrowicz Andersa Bodegårda

( Paperback with flaps )

46.20 zł
41.58 zł
Stanisław Jaworski

Piszę więc jestem

( Paperback with flaps )

42.00 zł
37.80 zł
Book cover Córki Jałty
Catherine Grace Katz

Córki Jałty

( Paperback with flaps )

67.50 zł
60.75 zł
Book cover "Zarys fizyki chmur"
R.R. Rogers , M.K. Yau

Zarys fizyki chmur

( Paperback )

49.90 zł
44.91 zł
ed. Ewa Bal , Dorota Fox , Ewa Wąchocka

Na styku

( Paperback with flaps )

47.50 zł
42.75 zł

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