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China - Central and Eastern Europe Cross-Cultural Dialogue Society, Business and Education in Transition

Edited by: Joanna Wardęga

Series: Chińskie Drogi

Pages: 454 Book format: B5 Publication date: 2016 Publication date: 12.10.2016

Book description

The impressive spiral of global dependency created by China makes it necessary to observe and compare its successes from local perspectives in every region of the world. This publication is part of this trend of constructive comparative studies as it is an analysis of the similarities and relations between China and Central and Eastern Europe countries; an analysis that stems from of the expertise and various perspectives of researchers based in the aforementioned regions.
The quality of this publication is accentuated by the fact that the academic papers were written by researchers representing various academic disciplines. These articles principally demonstrate the similarities in transformation processes of both regions, and they frequently address the challenges of socio-cultural and economic developments that have occurred in China and the Central and Eastern Europe countries.
Prof. Krzysztof Kościelniak

The relationships between China and Central and Eastern European countries (CEE) have never been so comprehensive and close before as they are now. This statement can be applied to almost all areas of cooperation that could be imagined, ranging from the political dialogue on the future bilateral relations, through economic cooperation that might bring about change in the lives of many people, and ending with the ever growing cultural and educational exchange. How these relations will develop undoubtedly requires some active commitment and intellectual support not only from CEE scientists dealing with Sinology or Chinese studies, but also from those on the Chinese side.
This book proves that academics from both sides, with great enthusiasm and true professionalism, took the challenge and presented valuable scientific results, which may encourage the development of these relations to grow, even though many of these issues have already surpassed the typical spectrum of research fields in Sinology and Chinese studies.
Prof. Zhao Gang, Beijing Foreign Studies University

Joanna Wardęga is Assistant Professor at the Institute of Middle and Far East, Jagiellonian University, Krakow. She is a Director of the Confucius Institute in Krakow. Her research interests include transformation of contemporary Chinese society, Chinese nationalism, and tourism in East Asia. Author of articles on sociology and political anthropology of China, and two books: Chiński nacjonalizm. Rekonstruowanie narodu w Chińskiej Republice Ludowej [Chinese Nationalism. The Reconstruction of Chinese Nation] (2014); Współczesne społeczeństwo chińskie. Konsekwencje przemian modernizacyjnych [Modern Chinese Society. The Consequences of China's Modernization] (2015). Editor of a book Współczesne Chiny w kontekście stosunków międzynarodowych [Contemporary China in the Context of International Relations] (2013) and originator of a "Chińskie Drogi" [Chinese Ways] book series at the Jagiellonian University Press.

Edited by Joanna Wardęga
ISBN: 978-83-233-4111-6


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