Book cover Onomastics in interaction with other branches of science. Volume 3
Table of Contents, Reviews

Onomastics in Interaction With Other Branches of Science. Volume 3. General and Applied Onomastics. Literary Onomastics. Chrematonomastics. Reports

Proceedings of the 27th International Congress of Onomastic Sciences

Edited by: Urszula Bijak, Paweł Swoboda, Justyna B. Walkowiak

Pages: 576 Book format: 17x24 cm Publication date: 2023 E-book publication date: 18.12.2023

Book description

Onomastics is an area of scholarly interest that has grown considerably in importance in recent years. Consequently, the 27th International Congress of Onomastic Sciences, held in 2021 in Kraków, Poland, gathered scholars from all over the world, active in all subfields of onomastic enquiry, as well as those exploring the areas bordering on other disciplines of the humanities. It thus became a venue for presenting state-of-the-art research in the study of proper names, proposing novel approaches and opening new vistas for future research.

The present work is the third of the three volumes of conference proceedings that are the fruit of the congress. Being the most diverse thematically, it contains contributions on the general and applied aspects of onomastics, onymy in literature and other cultural texts, and chrematonyms. It ends with two reports. The volume comprises 30 individual articles, contributed by 35 scholars. The first section, devoted to general and applied onomastics, features texts concerned with ever-interesting questions relevant to all practitioners of the discipline: the essence of properhood, the meaning of proper names, and onomastic terminology. Scholars whose papers focused on applied onomastics were interested in problems occasioned by the translation of onyms, by their pronunciation in cross-cultural contact, and by the use of exonyms, drawing for exemplification on the Hungarian, German and Czech language material respectively.

Literary onomastics in its broad definition constitutes by far the largest part of the volume. Contributors to this section represent diverse literatures, including Scottish, Russian, Polish, Czech and Nigerian. The scope and internal subdivisions of literary onomastics are discussed and the activities of the Italian Society for Literary Onomastics are presented. The name Dracula is analysed in depth, and so is the Old Prussian onym Patollo. Some researchers take a step into the wider realm of culture. Their attention is attracted by the names of spirits in the beliefs adhered to in Southwest China, by the proper names in a medieval Scottish document, by the onyms that personify hunger in Italian wartime epistolography, and by toponyms in video games.

The third section deals with chrematonyms as diverse as names of railway locomotives in Britain, logonyms in Slovakia and perfume names in a Slovak online shop. The naming patterns of Chinese restaurants in Czechia are studied too, as well as the names of travel agencies in Germany, Ukraine and Poland. Finally, the reader is presented with two reports. One outlines new tendencies in Nordic socio-onomastics, while the other presents the new paradigm in the publication of “Onoma”, the journal of the ICOS.

The book is a must not only for onomasticians, but also for researchers in related disciplines, ranging from history, via human geography or philosophy of language, to social studies. However, professionals active in naming will find it useful as well, since it provides a much-needed supranational perspective and enables cross-cultural comparisons.
Introduction ix

Andrea Bölcskei

The Use of Terms in the Proceedings of ICOS Congresses . 3  

Richard Coates
My Name and Myself: Duet or Solo? 21 

Alexandra Ebel · Robert Skoczek
Zur Eindeutschung der Aussprache polnischer Namen . 35

Tamás Farkas
Translation and Mistranslation of Proper Names: The Challenge of Proper Names and Common Words in the Translation Process 55 

Tiina Laansalu · Peeter Päll
Defining Artifact Names: Is It Possible? 75 

Unni Leino
A Glass of Cognac in Cognac: On the Relationship Between Similar-sounding Proper Names and Common Nouns 89 

Veronika Štěpánová
Czech Forms of Foreign Proper Names Viewed by the Public 105 

Nataliya Vasilyeva
New Onomastic Terms: Textual Criterion of Necessity 123 

Wojciech Włoskowicz
Proper Name as a Bilateral Linguistic Sign and the Levels of Properhood . 141 

Guy Achard-Bayle
Le nom propre : arme « anti-personnel ». Analyse linguistique d’un cas et d’un examen de conscience 175 

Maria Giovanna Arcamone
Die italienische Gesellschaft für Literarische Onomastik (O&L). Gründung, Tätigkeit und wissenschaftliche Ergebnisse . 193 

Alessandra Cattani
Биполярная ономастик а: двойной антропоним в „Дневнике Сатаны ” Леонида Андреева 203 

Valeria Di Clemente 
La « Déclaration d’Arbroath » : aspects historico-culturels et onomastiques, et perspectives didactiques . 225 

Virna Fagiolo
The Meaning of the Name Dracula (and Dracul) and Its Reconstruction 247

Nataliia Kolesnyk · Oksana Petrenko
Literary-Artistic and Folklore Onomastics: Common and Distinctive Features 261 

Rolandas Kregždys
Etymological Analysis of the Mythonym OPr. Patollo 277 

Ewa Kubusiak
Воровские псевдонимы как элемент криминального дискурса в трилогии Сергея Пясецкого . 291 

Oleksandra Kuzmenko
In-game Toponyms: Telling the Story and Building the Video Game World 307 

Ayokunmi O. Ojebode
All Animals Are Equal: Rethinking ‘Animalistic’ Names and Yoruba Epistemology in Femi Osofisan’s “Kolera Kolej” 327 

Petr Pořízka
The Function of Proper Nouns in Quantitative Analysis of Dramas: A Case Study of Karel Čapek’s Plays 351 

Tetyana Rosique
Énigme de poétonyme (d’après la nouvelle d’A. P. Chekhov « Les Garçons ») 381 

Caterina Saracco
Censorship and Hunger: The Role of Names 395 

Duoduo Xu
Tibetan Elements in Dongba and Daba Spirits’ Names 413 

Richard Coates
The Naming of Railway Locomotives in Britain as a Cultural Indicator, 1846–1954 . 433 

Mária Imrichová
Typological and Pragmatic-functional Aspects of Slovak Logonyms . 449 

Natália Kolenčíková
Synchronic Models and Modelling in Perfume Names . 463 

Tereza Slaměníková
A Touch of Chinese Culture in the Czech Public Space: Chinese Restaurant Names in Prague . 477 

Galyna Zymovets
Motivation Patterns of the Names of Travel Agencies: The Case of German, Polish, and Ukrainian 501 

Terhi Ainiala · Emilia Aldrin · Birgit Eggert
New Trends in Nordic Socio-onomastics: International Cooperation and Examples of Objectives . 525

Oliviu Felecan · Alina Bugheșiu
Managing Onoma, the Journal of ICOS: A Multidisciplinary Approach 541 
Language English, French, German, Russian
Edition first
Cover design Marta Jaszczuk
ISBN: 978-83-233-5272-3
e-ISBN (pdf): 978-83-233-7478-7
e-ISBN (mobi,epub): 978-83-233-7479-4

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