Articles in English as a Second Language

A Phraseological Perspective

Pages: 230 Book format: 14,5x20,5 cm Publication date: 2019

Book description

The aim of this study is twofold: firstly, to provide an overview of research findings on the acquisition and use of articles in English as a second language; secondly, to investigate this issue from a phraseological perspective. The book also presents an examination of various linguistic accounts of the English article system with respect to their application to English language teaching. In view of the growing body of theoretical and empirical studies indicating that language use is to a considerable degree phraseologically motivated, this book argues for a connection between formulaicity and correct article use. This possibility is explored in two studies presented in the final chapter, which suggest that correctness in the use of articles depends on the frequency of the phrases in which they appear. These findings support the view that frequency-driven conventionality in language may play a role in the acquisition and use of articles in L2 English.
“This is a very important contribution to the discussion of the L2 acquisition of articles, with particular regard to the L2 acquisition of English. Such a discussion is required in view of the confusing variety of opinions expressed on this matter, and the unsatisfactory nature of the pedagogical advice on offer to teachers of English as an L2. Dr. Leśniewska’s study reviews the relevant literature interestingly and fully, and it proposes an approach to article acquisition in L2 English which is long overdue.”
Prof. David Singleton, Fellow Emeritus, Trinity College
Language English
ISBN: 978-83-233-4691-3


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