Bubíková Šárka

Afiliacja : University of Pardubice


Šárka Bubíková is an Associate Professor at the University of Pardubice, specializing in modern American literature, Anglophone children’s literature, contemporary ethnic Bildungsroman and crime fiction. Apart from numerous articles and book chapters, she has published books examining the American literary canon (2007), the influence of the changing concept of childhood on literary production for children (2009), and co-authored Literary Childhoods: Growing Up in British and American Literature (2008). Currently, she is working on a project on (ethnic) crime fiction. She also writes fiction. In 2010, she was a Fulbright research scholar at Amherst College, and in 2012, a visiting researcher at the University of California in Santa Barbara.

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Okładka książki Places and Spaces of Crime in Popular Imagination
red.Šárka Bubíková , Olga Roebuck

Places and Spaces of Crime in Popular Imagination

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