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Book cover Mentalizing the fundamental human capacity to understand behavior in relation to mental states such as thoughts and feelings is the basis of healthy relationships and self-awareness. Mentalizing in Clinical Practice distills the burgeoning literature on mentalizing for clinicians of diverse professional backgrounds. As growing evidence supports the effectiveness of mentalizing-focused interventions in the treatment of borderline personality disorder, this volume seeks to explore even wider appli
Peter Fonagy , Jon G. Allen , Anthony W. Bateman

Mentalizowanie w praktyce klinicznej


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Geoff Rolls

Classic Case Studies in Psychology

(Slightly damaged book)

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David J. Wallin

Attachment in Psychotherapy


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Sherry Turkle

Samotni razem


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Judith S. Beck

Terapia poznawczo-behawioralna


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Dave Mearns , Brian Thorne

Terapia skoncentrowana na osobie


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William R. Miller , Alyssa A. Forcehimes , Allen Zweben

Terapia uzależnień


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Christine A. Padesky , Dennis Greenberger

Umysł ponad nastrojem. Zmień nastrój poprzez zmianę sposobu myślenia


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ed.Christopher K. Germer , Ronald D. Siegel , Paul R. Fulton

Uważność i psychoterapia


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