How to order

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Finding a title is facilitated by the our search engine and search categories. Enter the title of the book or the author's name into the search engine and click on the magnifying glass. The search results will include all products containing the phrase entered into the search engine. Advanced search may narrow your search to the fields title, subtitle, author, description.
Search results can be limited to a specific category and series as well as available versions and publication status. Full list of available filters can be found in a panel on the left. To learn more about the book, click on its title or cover.


To buy a selected item just click on the basket icon.
NOTE: Some items are available in several formats (hardcover, paperback, ebook). Before clicking on the basket icon, make sure that you have selected the right format. You can continue shopping or go directly to placing an order. You can check your content any time by selecting the basket icon. You can also change the number of ordered titles and remove them from the cart.

In the next step, specify the number, method of payment and type of shipment of ordered goods and provide your details necessary to process the order. Choosing the right payment and delivery method influences the final amount to be paid.

If your shipping address is different than the one specified in the order, fill in "Delivery address" field.
If you’ve got a discount code, enter it in the appropriate field and click ACTIVE CODE.

After completing the purchase, click BUY.

After placing an Order, you will receive a confirmation email together with details of your purchase.

The Order is verified by the Publisher as to the accuracy of data and the availability of books in store. If the ordered books are not available, the Publisher shall notify the customer within 3 working days and then return the money. Notice will be sent to the e-mail address indicated by the customer when placing the Order. If the books are temporarily or partly unavailable, the customer shall be advised immediately about the necessity to change the order no later than within 3 business days. The customer should indicate the manner of changing the Order by selecting one of the following:
a) partial  of the order,
b) extending the delivery date,
c) exchange of the books,
d) cancellation of the order.

Until a decision is made by the customer, the order shall be put on hold.
The Publisher withholds the right to contact the customer prior to order processing in order to clarify ambiguities related to the order, and in justified cases, especially in case of doubts as to the accuracy of data provided by the customer, the seller reserves the right to refuse to process the order.

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