Kłosowicz Robert

Affiliation : Jagiellonian University, Poland ORCID ID : 0000-0002-8808-6763


Robert Kłosowicz, 1965, Professor Doctor Habilitated, researcher of international relations, historian, Africanist, Head of the Chair of International Relations and Foreign Policy of the Jagiellonian University and Director of the Jagiellonian Research Center for African Studies. He specializes in research on the relationship between diplomacy and armed forces, the problems of international security and armed conflicts. His interests also include history of the United States, the Napoleonic era and international relations in Sub-Saharan Africa.

The author of six monographs, a selection of source texts and several dozen research articles and book chapters. He has conducted field research in over 20 African states.

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Robert Kłosowicz , Joanna Mormul

Erytrea i jej wpływ na sytuację polityczną w Rogu Afryki


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